The Undergraduate Certificate in Logistics & Supply Chain Management (UCLOG) is an elite program from the Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation (CLI) hosted in Bogota. The UCLOG is geared towards outstanding undergraduate students from all over the world fully enrolled in bachelor programs in areas related to supply chain management and logistics. The program is taught by researchers and lecturers from the Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, and SCALE Latin American partner universities. in the most innovating topics in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.


The UCLOG provides a unique world-class experience that boosts successful professional careers in the discipline. The UCLOG aims at developing in the students knowledge and abilities for innovative problem-solving and designing Logistics & Supply Chain Management solutions in the context of Latin America. The UCLOG is based on a challenging and hands-on learning experience with the involvement of partner leading companies of CLI and with best-in-class lecturers from the MIT SCALE Network for Latin America. The program focuses on five relevant topics in logistics and supply chain management:

  • Operations and innovation in global and emergent markets
  • Contemporary issues in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Latin American Logistics and Supply Chain Managment
  • Innovative problem solving and engineering design
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Managment methods and tools

The UCLOG 2018 will take place from July 2th to Aug 3th, 2018 (5 weeks). The program will follow the principles of challenge-based learning, which is a teaching strategy focused on providing students with a learning challenge based on a relevant real problem situation, in order to develop a plausible solution alternative. This involves:

Activities Description​
  • Exploration Activities​
  • Learning and research modules​
  • Industry-linked​
  • Challenge immersion and engagement​
  • Collaborative problem solving​
  • Coaching
  • Independent studies​
  • Research work (individual and teams)​
  • Evaluation​
  • Outcomes evaluation by internal and external evaluators​

  • Program Location:
  • Bogota, Colombia.

  • Application Deadlines
  • Round I: March 23
  • Round II: May 25
  • Round III: June 22

  • UCLOG Program Cost 2018:
  • USD $2,000

  • This includes:
  • Coffee break
  • Lunch
  • Tuition
  • *Students are responsible for Travel & Living Expenses.

  • Other Information:
  • Digital Flyer
  • How to apply
  • Welcome Package

  • Contact info:
    Sindy Viviana Melo
    UCLOG General coordinator

    The UCLOG Experience 2017
    UCLOG 2017

  • 18 Students
  • 4 Countries
  • 12 Universities
  • 9 Lecturers
  • 50-60 hours of classroom learning activities
  • 40-50 hours of industry-linked activities
  • 155 hours of independent studies
  • 5 hours of outcomes evaluation and assessment

  • Lecturers 2017

    Students 2017

    Valentina Martinez
    Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia
    Student of International Marketing and Logistics Management

    I recommend UCLOG since it is a very complete program, where we can put all the theory into practice. We can also have a challenge every week, where we are able to apply that gained knowledge into real life.

    Carlos Eduardo do Santos
    Universidad Santa Catarina de Brazil,
    Brazil Student of Transportation in Logistics Engineering

    The reason why I am here in UCLOG program is because we have classes with the best lecturers and we can challenge ourselves in real life on different sectors. It has been an amazing experience and it has changed my life.

    Jose Cabrera
    UTEC – Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología de Perú
    Student of International Marketing and Logistics Management

    The UCLOG program is important for all the students, because it is an opportunity to get to know other people with the same interests. It is a motivation to improve the industry.
    If you belong to any of these institutions, you can get a 5% discount.