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Who we are?

  • Meeting point where different sectors identify and implement solutions to make the industries, where they operate, more competitive.
  • Facilitator and promoter of Collaboration in business communities.
  • Developer of communities that generate value through logistics best practices.
  • Pioneer in the generation of logistics knowledge in Latin America.
  • Leader in value networks’ innovation

Leading innovation for the past 30 years

Based on collaborative work, we build communities that generate value through the adoption of standards and the introduction of logistics best practices in inter-company processes.

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Generating knowledge applicable to the transformation and competitiveness of value networks through research projects in:

Sustainability, Public Policy, Megacities, Technology, Risk and Strategy. See more


Implementing solutions and developing competencies, to enhance value networks through:

Logistics Talent Development, Consulting and Information & Analytics. See more


Meeting point for the development of collaborative initiatives based on international standards and logistics best practices where large communities benefit.   See more

Networking opportunities driven by LOGYCA, where players from different industries meet to build and implement - through dialogue and relationship-building - common innovative solutions to make their value networks more competitive and sustainable.

Who participates?

MEMBER companies of GS1 COLOMBIA | LOGYCA, representated by their top officers who exchange experiences and define action plans through consensus.

How do they work?

Each Collaborative Group meets four to five times a year. A participant-defined agenda is developed in these sessions. Academic components, conferences, talks, exhibitions; as well as practical workshops, tours, and visits are part of this agenda. Specific initiatives and plans that are measurable over the short, medium and long term arise from these interactions.


An initiative developed jointly between LOGYCA and Ministry of Agriculture led the consolidation of the agricultural sector in the country through the development of better logistics practices.

Ongoing initiatives:

  • Global location number Assignment
  • Sustainable Agriculture’s pilot test
  • Maturity for the sector studies

Participants:Farmers, trade association and government entities in the sector.


This group defines and promotes collaborative initiatives that seek to increase the operational and competitive efficiency of sector companies, through the use of international standards, logistics best practices and innovation in their value networks, all this under the same premise: to satisfy the new demands of the omnichannel consumer.

Initiatives underway:

  • Data Quality National Plan
  • On-Shelf Availability Study, Service Level Study and Data Sharing Intelligence
  • Research Studies: Maturity Level, Standards Usage and Servicing the Modern Channel
  • Efficient Management of Usable Shrinkage
  • Electronic Invoice
  • Sales and Inventory Data
  • Digital Coupons
  • Competitive Value Networks Program

Participants:top producers and merchants from the mass consumption sector in the country.


Conscious of the significant role of the traditional channel in the value network of Colombia's mass consumption industry, this group identifies opportunities to develop collaborative iniciatives that seek to increase operational and competitive efficiency, dealing with the sector's challenges.

Initiatives underway:

  • Unique Store Identification
  • Identification of Products and Data Synchronization
  • On-Shelf Availability Study, Service Level Study and Data Sharing Intelligence
  • Electronic Payments and Collection

Participants:top mass consumption actors that are relevant in this channel.


This group was created as a development platform for the Hotels, Restaurants and Catering - HORECA - subsectors through the implementation of standard implementation tools and best logistics practices to achieve operational efficiencies through collaborative work with vendors and distributors.

Initiatives underway:

  • Sector Phased Colaboration Plan
  • Maturity Sector Study
  • Food Traceability Study
  • Sector Awareness-Building
  • Standards with Financial Impact Usage Study

Participants:: this group is comprised of industry, distributors, restaurants, catering companies and hotels, key players in the sector.


This group was designed to foster synergies between the various players in the sector's value network, and so implement cross-cutting solutions for the optimization of its logistics processes; from standard identification and data quality, to the use of RFID technology for real time inventory visibility.

Initiatives underway:

  • Data Quality National Plan.
  • Sector Phased Colaboration Plan.
  • Usage Study of GS1Standards with Financial Impact.
  • Identification of Raw Materials.
  • Maturity Sector Study.

Participants: leading sector companies, as well as clusters devoted to leveraging its growth in the country's various regions.


Patients deserve better care and the highest levels of safety in the supply of medications, procedures and provision of medical services. The so-called “five rights” are promoted from this group: the right medication/device, through the right administration/procedural pathway, in the right dose/condition, in the right patient and at the right time. All this, from the use of GS1 standards and the application of best practices, under the principle of collaboration.

Initiatives underway:

  • Identification and Labelling of Medications and Medical Devices (Unidosage).
  • Master Data Synchronization.
  • GS1 Standards with Financial Impact Usage Study.
  • Institutional Sector Vendor Training Program - Best Practices in Hospital Logistics, based on the Use of GS1 Standards.

Participants: these initiatives are led by hospitals, clinics and their medications and medical devices’s vendors.


The Identification of Raw Materials and Supplies in Apparel Project, tends develop better logistics practices based on the use of international standards.

Ongoing initiatives:

  • Raw materials and supplies identification.
  • Order Management.
  • Inventory management.

Participants:Industrial, raw material suppliers, retailers and major chains.


Through the collaborative work between industry and distributors in the traditional channel and banks, this group seeks to optimize the operational efficiency of this channel's financial value network - from order to payment - thus driving banking penetration in the sector and the country.

Initiatives underway:

  • Mapping of cash flows in the traditional channel and critical optimization points.
  • WebServices Standardization.

Participants:banks, industry and distributors that service the traditional channel.


This group's purpose is to foster dialog leading to the identification of common logistics issues among sector companies and define solutions that become a part of a long-term action plan whose results have real impact on the competitiveness and efficiency of the value network.

Initiatives underway:

  • National Vehicle Identification System (SINIEV).
  • Vehicle Occupation Study associated to the Transportation Collaboration Model.
  • Transportation Collaboration Model.
  • Maturity Sector Study.
  • Usage Study of GS1Standards with Financial Impact.
  • Free Sector Training.

Participants: top generators and/or distributors of goods in Colombia.


With the growth of digital commerce and mobile technology, companies in the retail and mass consumption sector are focusing their efforts on increasing the operational and competitive efficiency of the online sales channel, offering a purchasing experience that meets the expectation of the omnichannel consumer.

Initiatives underway:

  • Definition of the Data Quality National Plan terms for the Sector.
  • Usage Study of GS1Standards with Financial Impact.
  • GS1 SmartSearch.

Participants:leading industry and chains


Starting from understanding the needs and challenges of our members and their sectors, this group develops and implements solutions increasing the operational and competitive efficiency of their customers, through the use of global standards and the adoption of logistics best practices.

Initiatives underway:

  • Usage Study of GS1Standards with Financial Impact.
  • Electronic Invoice Pilot..
  • Process automation from order to payment.
  • Approval of Solution Vendors.

Participants: software and hardware companies, vendors of logistics solutions based on the implementation of global standards and best logistics practices.


This group constitutes an innovative logistics community willing to collaborate in the implementation of best practices, the advancement of knowledge and the creation of new forms of work that generate competitiveness in their companies and sectors.

Participants: logistics and supply chain managers from our member companies, leading actors from value networks, in their different roles: logistics operators, industrialists in many sectors and merchants.


The actors in the pharmaceutical value network face great challenges associated to regulations, opening of markets and the high variability and uncertainty in their behavior. This group was created for the purpose of carrying out joint initiatives that allow its participants to be more efficient and competitive in this changing environment.

Initiatives underway:

  • Shared Indicators Management: On-Shelf Availability Study, , Service Levels Study and Sales and InventoryData Study.
  • Data Quality NationalPlan
  • National Medications Traceability and Data Standards Plan

Participants:top laboratories and pharmaceutical products retailers in the country.

Be part of the community that is transforming Value Networks in Colombia and Latin America.

Thousands of companies, representing all economic sectors, have come together as MEMBERS and form today a unique community that leads and promotes efficiency and sustainability in Value Networks through collaborative work.

How do they do it?

Thanks to the benefits offered by LOGYCA, our members have the opportunity to direct and impact the development of their value networks, their companies and their people.

Whether through participation in Collaborative Groups, leadership of Collaborative Initiatives, attendance at exclusive conferences or using and profiting from the reports produced by LOGYCA, our members take an active part and lead the development of their value networks.

Our role is to accompany and guide them as well as generate the framework to achieve change.

Membership Benefits for your value network, your company and your people

Voice and vote in initiatives that impact the development of your Value Network.

  • The right to request participation in one or various COLLABORATIVE GROUPS of your preference, together with the benefits associated with the development of these groups.
  • The opportunity to lead industry COLLABORATIVE INITIATIVES.

Information on trends and best practices and reports and studies on their value networks.

  • Exclusive access to reports and studies on logistics, supply chain and industry issues.
  • Access to LOGYCA LAB, an interactive space to learn about the latest trends and solutions applied to the Value Network. An experience combining information, tecnology and knowledge.
  • Access to LOGYCA’s Online Training platform.

High-level networking through Collaborative Groups and Committees.

  • An extensive network thanks to our partnerships local, regional and globally.

Special rates on LOGYCA SERVICES

  • Logistics Talent Development, Consulting, Information & Analytics and other services.

Access to international standards.

  • GS1, Logistics, Financial, NFC and Standardization Sector Unit.

Right to postulate your company to be member of the GS1 Colombia Directive Board, as well as attendance and vote in the General Assembly.



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